10 Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

From time-to-time, most people think that to create high performing and popular content, you’ll have to do something overly fancy behind closed doors. But the truth is, all you need is just a simple, straightforward, and repeatable process that features a few tips to help raise the standards of your content from basic to badass. That said, in this article, we will discuss ten vital content marketing tips for small businesses.


1. Solve the Problems for your Readers

As a content creator,, you need to know that your audience is more interested in their problems rather than the benefits that your products have to offer. That said, you need to create relevant information on different content marketing types that focuses on helping them find solutions to those problems. This strategy will help you make content and foster a good relationship with your audience.

2. Use Online Communities to Source Ideas

You will easily identify your customer’s pain points when you join the same online communities as them. In the right communities, you can listen to your customers as they express their challenges and interests among themselves. Also, you’ll be able to capture exact words they use to discuss their problems. That way, you can incorporate these words to capture their attention in your content.

3. Your Content Should Align with Your Buyers Journey

Visitors who are coming to your website are all at different stages of their buying journey. While some may come in hot and ready to make a purchase, others are only hearing you for the first time. That said, it’s crucial that each piece of content you put up on your website targets each visitor strategically. That is one of the significant factors for increasing your conversion rates. And the best way to do this is by using some long-tail keywords that will identify with every specific stage of their buying process.

4. Use Irresistible Headlines

Your content headlines can either break or make your content. What do we mean? You need a powerful headline to capture a wide range of readers. And the best way to do that is by promising them something they’d like or is appealing to their self-image.

5. Keep your Readers Hooked to the End

Your content needs to have a ‘slippery side.’ By this, we mean that your headline should make your readers want to read the first sentence in your content, and the first sentence should make your audience want to read on to the second and third. In that, your content should tell a story that will keep your readers hooked to the end. Your information doesn’t need to be long; it just has to keep the readers curious.

6. Create Extraordinary Content

Creating long-form content might seem like the best thing to do. But what really matters more than anything else is the quality of your content. The content you create should be informative and reader-friendly. Focus on adding factual information and answer specific questions that your readers might have by giving them a more detailed picture.

7. User-friendly Navigation

The sad truth is that most visitors that come to your website are skimmers rather than readers. What do weI mean? Most visitors will just scan through your website and look for information that’s relevant to their needs. On the other hand, visitors who won’t browse through the content will consume only 25%. That said, your page must be user-friendly and easily scannable.

8. Optimize your Content

The online ecosystem is ever-evolving. Therefore, if you want to keep your content fresh and maintain impressive conversion rates, you need to republish and update your content frequently. Instead of just spinning new posts, be more intentional with your content creation, and revise content that you have published previously. That will ensure your library of content is up-to-date and relevant.

9. Utilize Call to Action Buttons

You will never know for sure where the eyes of your readers will land on your page. That said, make sure you utilize the call to action buttons (CTAs) as much as possible. Make sure your CTAs capture the attention of your readers seamlessly, and your visitors won’t hesitate to take advantage of it.

10. Promote your Content

Creating great content alone will not get you the traffic you need. There’s lots of great content lying around gathering dust due to lack of organic traffic. If you want to convert your visitors to customers, then you need to promote your content. You can use different content marketing types like email marketing, social media marketing, or promotional websites to reach a wider audience.

In Summary

The best way to keep your readers hooked and convert them to customers is by creating compelling content. And with the tips we have discussed, you are a step closer to achieving that. Your results will not change overnight, but you will love the results you get after practicing.

Check out the video below for some great tips on increasing your visibility in the online market.